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University Club of Phoenix Membership


When you join the University Club of Phoenix, it becomes your club - 
a centrally located clubhouse
in the heart of the
prestigious historic Alvarado district in midtown Phoenix
to use as an extension
of your office and living room.

Some of the benefits of membership:

Access to the Club for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday
Reciprocal privileges at over 100 clubs worldwide
Special Club events with discounts for Members
No monthly minimum spending requirements
No audio visual equipment fees
Reduced service charges
Complimentary Wi-Fi
Free and convenient parking


Membership Programs



This membership is for members whose permanent address is in Maricopa County, Arizona. 

The monthly dues of resident members who enter the armed forces and work outside the state of Arizona will be waived until the date of return.

One-Time Initiation - $200

Monthly Dues -  $100

Monthly Capital Fund - $25



This membership is extended to members whose permanent place of residence is outside of Maricopa County.

One-Time Initiation -  $200

Monthly Dues -  $48

onthly Capital Fund -  $25

Young Professional


This membership is extended to members age 40 and younger. 

One-Time Initiation -  $100

Monthly Dues   -  $30

Monthly Capital Fund - $25



A Corporate Membership requires at least three members of a bona fide legal business entity. If the number of members drops, dues will be adjusted according to the remaining number of members. 

One-Time Initiation  - $500

Monthly Dues (per Member):       

3-9 Members -

10-50 Members -

51+ Members -

Monthly Capital Fund -
(per Member)

To join the Club, click HERE